As I was trying to figure a seamless way to share a few sessions that I haven’t posted yet, I realized that I am not that talented to make it seamless.  So I am just going to be honest.  I have been procrastinating about posting these photographs.  But it is time to get off the dime and do it.  So within the next week I will be posting some of my favorites images from these sessions:  Chris and Karen’s family session, Ron and Terri’s family session, Hazel and her boys, and Andrea’s portrait session.  Here is a sneak preview of those images:

Karen, Chris and Family

Karen, Chris and Family

Terri, Ron and Grandchild

Terri, Ron and Grandchild

Hazel and Children

Hazel and Children





Photographer Airi Katsuta has been mentioned in a few of my previous blogs.  I first met her at the 2013 Phoenix Matsuri Festival.  She was displaying her 1,000 origami cranes that she had made as part of her fundraising effort to travel to Japan as a volunteer to help rebuild the tsunami ravaged village of Ishinomaki.   Her exhibit also included images she had taken while on that mission.  Since that chance meeting at the Festival, I have been sure to attend her other exhibits over the course of the year.

Last night I attended the opening reception for her new show “Voyages” at the Method Art Gallery in Scottsdale.  The show is photographs that she took while on traveling on the Peace Boat last year.

The Peace Boat starts from Japan and tours several destinations in the Southern Hemisphere on a 105 day cruise.  But the Boat is not a typical sightseeing cruise.  The group that Airi and her sister, Riho, were with are on a more purposeful mission, which is said best in the Peace Boat’s own words:  “Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment.”

Riho served as a translator on the ship.  Airi’s job was to report and photograph the journey.  The show last night featured 25 of her best images, one from each location she visited.

I had the opportunity to visit with the sisters and find out a little more about their experiences.  Both sisters mentioned that the Easter Islands was their favorite location.  They were impressed with the statues, as anyone would be, and the skill and hard work it must have taken to create them.  The girls were less impressed with my theory about how aliens had probably built them  I found out Airi had also seen the movie “Rapa Nui”.  We both agreed it was interesting to watch, but in the end a really bad movie.  One of those movies that came on late at night on Starz that one starts to watch, keeps watching hoping it will get better and fascinated that it doesn’t, and when it is finished one is overcome with regret for the time spent watching.

Airi took over 30,000 photographs.  I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into the culling and editing of that many images.

Many times such exhibitions of travel seem to drone on in the sameness of the images.  Not so with Airi’s exhibition.  Each photograph is different in composition, subject matter, feeling and creativity.  It is a wonderful documentation of the lands they visited while on the Peace Boat.

Airi is a very talented young photographer.  She is going to go on another Peace Boat adventure in the near future.  I look forward to the photographs and stories from that adventure as well.

The exhibit “Voyage” is up at the Method Art Gallery through October 3rd.




Sister Riho and guest discuss the finer points of one of the images.


Notice the map in the middle?  Each photograph had one of those tiny maps with a red dot indicating the location where the image was taken.  (great for a geography challenged person like myself)

The Hello Kitty photograph was taken in Japan.  She looks as though she is ready for the adventure.  This is one of Airi’s favorites.


Previous blogs featuring Airi

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More images and info


(Bonus points if you know what song the above lyrics are from)

Prescott Arizona, the town I grew up in, always knew how to celebrate the 4th of July in grand style.  The Frontier Days Celebration.  The World’s Oldest Rodeo.  Whiskey Row.  Fireworks at Watson Lake.  And three days of city slickers coming up from Phoenix to participate in all the festivities.  Prescott was a spectacular place to be on the 4th of July.


One of the service groups held a fund raiser during Frontier Days.  Basically, if a person ventured onto the Courthouse Square without western duds on, a “sheriff” would arrest and that person and put them in the “hoosegow” in the middle of the square.  The bailout money for that person went to the service group sponsoring the jail.  I would assume that the flat-landers found this cute for the most part.  It certainly boosted the sale of western clothes.  The best was always when one of your friends who should have known better got arrested.  And of course, all of that person’s buddies never had any money to bail them out.  Kind of like “you live in Prescott you idiot.  You knew better!”

On the downside of this, I was forced to wear bolo ties whenever we went down to the square.


During the night, the street in front of Whiskey Row would be shut down for a street dance.  As I recall one year Buck Owens and his Buckaroos performed.  One of bars on the block had a life size horse statue above its entrance.  The highlight of the evening was when the first drunk cowboy managed to climb up on that horse and try to ride off into the sunset with the roaring approval of all the cowboys and cowgirls on the street.


The last summer I lived in Prescott was 1971.  And this particular 4th of July was a very special 4th in the history of the town.  The film Junior Bonner, starring Steve McQueen, Robert Preston and Ida Lupino was being filmed in Prescott, with the 4th of July activities being central to the story.  My last chance for Hollywood fame and glory was during the filming of Billy Jack in Prescott the year before.  A few of my friends and acquaintances had been hired to beat up Billy Jack down at the Courthouse Square.  Alas for me, my leg was in a cast so I couldn’t audition for the part of one of the local Prescott thugs.  I thought that with Junior Bonner being filmed I could some how manage to get my charming face into the film by being in the crowd at the rodeo or the parade.  Dream big, baby!  Dream big!

During Frontier Days, the community theater would perform an old fashion melodrama.  I got a small part in that summer’s production.  I played the Devil.  Really just a walk on part.  I walked on, collected the bad guys, and herded them off to my “home” at the business end of my pitchfork.  Easy peasy.


The cast of the melodrama was also going to be in the Frontier Day Parade, which was also going to be filmed  as part of the movie.  Robert Preston, who played Steve McQueen’s father, would be riding in the parade as part of the movie.  I must admit that I was a little excited.  This was my first time ever being in the parade, AND it was being filmed for a Hollywood movie.  On parade day the cast piled in to the back of an antique pickup truck.  I even carried a sign that said HISS…just so people wouldn’t confuse me with the good guys.

Notice the HISS sign.  Figured Phoenix people would need some visual aids.

Notice the HISS sign. Figured Phoenix people would need some visual aids.


The film was released in 1972.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  I remember they filmed a lot of the truck going by.  I couldn’t wait to me as Satan traveling across the big screen.  I had even decided to play it real cool and NOT jump up in theater and start pointing saying “THAT’S ME!”

If life had a sound track, right about now the sad music would be playing, indicating that not all  has gone well for yours truly.  The truck barely made it into the movie.  I did catch a quick glimpse of my hand waving but that is about it.   Took a lot of self control NOT to stand up and yell “WHERE AM I?”


So maybe  Junior Bonner didn’t get my face on the silver screen…no agent…no contract…no costarring with Steve McQueen in his next movie…

In rekindling the memories of the 4th of July, 1971, I did figure out something.  If on some rare occasion someone were to ask me what Jack Nicholson and I have in common, I would tell them that both Jack and I appeared in a film playing the Devil.


(title are lyrics from “Born on the Bayou” by Creedence Clearwater Revival)



I was blessed to have a 31 year career in teaching, where it was my hope to have a bit of positive influence in the lives of my students.  Now these students are fine young adults, many college graduates and pursuing life, love and ambition as we all do.  Such as it is with Hana, a four year student athlete of mine who was now embarking on the biggest adventure of her life so far.  I have to admit that there was a touch of sweet emotion in me, and even the Pooleman got a bit misty eyed during the proceedings.

The afternoon got started in the Bridal Preparation Room in the ranch house.

Hana_before-0041 Hana_before-0042 Hana_before-0046 Hana_before-0052 Hana_before-0054 Hana_before-0055 Hana_before-0057 Hana_before-0058 Hana_before-0061 Hana_before-0063 Hana_before-0065 Hana_before-0066 Hana_before-0067 Technology is wonderful…when it works.  In addition to putting on the boutonniere and getting the rings together, Mike had to write out his vows as laptop printer wasn’t working.  He did this task with grace and good humor, showing a couple of the traits that endeared him to Hana. Mike_before-0107 Mike_before-0108 Mike_before-0109 Mike_before-0111 Mike_before-0112 Mike_before-0113

The ranch provides a nice outdoor waiting area for the bride and her party.

Hana_before-0088Hana_before-0087Hana_before-0083 Hana_before-0099 411

All brides are beautiful.  All grooms are extremely lucky.  The expression on Mike’s face as Hana comes down the aisle says it all.

609-untitled613-untitled612-untitled614-untitled616-untitled 617-untitled 618-untitledNuptials-0154

A ceremony under the trees.

Nuptials-0160 Nuptials-0162 Nuptials-0163 Nuptials-0164 Nuptials-0165The Newly Pronounced Mr. and Mrs.

Portraits_Family-0175 Portraits_Family-0178 Portraits_Family-0180And   Known Associates

Portraits_Family-0217The kids and the sign say “It’s now official!”

Portraits_Family-0224And what’s a wedding without a little “public display of affection”?


A trip outside the Ranch for some more photographs of the Newlyweds.

Portraits_Newlyweds-0240 Portraits_Newlyweds-0242 Portraits_Newlyweds-0250 Portraits_Newlyweds-0254 Portraits_Newlyweds-0257 Portraits_Newlyweds-0258 Portraits_Newlyweds-0260 Portraits_Newlyweds-0270

The Whispering Tree Ranch decor is a throwback to old country style and old fashion charm.

746-by 748-by 760-by302

The sun goes down, the chandeliers light up and the evening’s fun begins.

Details-0032Reception-0291Reception-0294Reception-0298Reception-0300Reception-0306Reception-0308Reception-0310Reception-0312Reception-0321 Reception-0322 Reception-0323 Reception-0325 Reception-0329 Reception-0333Reception-0339 Reception-0343 Reception-0346 Reception-0348 Reception-0388 Reception-0414 Sparklers-0455

Thank you Hana and Mike.  It was an honor and a privilege to photograph all the laughter, love, tears of joy and fun of your wedding day.  God bless you and watch over you in your long journey through life


The venue, decorations and catering were expertly provided by The Whispering Tree Ranch.  The DJ and Master of Ceremonies who kept the evening rocking was Ramzy Saba. Photographs provided by Poole Photography, LLC.  Lead Shooter: Tim Poole – Assistant: Brianna Yahraus


I shared Hana and Mike’s engagement photographs a few months ago in my blog “The Lumberjack and the Princess“.  Well, the big day finally arrived last Sunday.  Hana and Mike got married. I was privileged enough to photograph their wedding. … Continue reading


My friend CJ approached me at one of our weekly retired guys meetings and inquired if I would be interested in photographing a small wedding he was putting together for a couple of friends.  He also said that I knew at least one of the people  as she had worked at my school and now worked in the school district office.  As I like photographing small, intimate weddings, I quickly agreed to do the photography that day.

I knew the Susan from the brief time that she worked at my school before she transferred over to the district office. Neil also works at the district office, and it was there that they met.  Their relationship first began with just their casual smiles at each other as the passed in the office hallways.  Neil admits that he was smitten with Susan when he first met her, and it only took one date for Susan to realize that Neil was The One.  As they spent time together, they started talking about the reality of getting married and finally agreed that marriage was the right thing for them to do.

As the couple announced their plans at work and to their friends, CJ and his wife Jennifer convinced Susan and Neil that they should conduct the ceremony and reception at CJ and Jenner’s home.  Thus was beginning what I call the wedding in Little Hawaii.  CJ grew up in Hawaii and his backyard landscaping and decorations are all based on Hawaiian themes.

Both Susan and Neil mention that one of the favorite things about the other is their smile.  Those smiles were visible all around on the big day.  Definitely no “now look serious” poses for them.  The setting was great, the food terrific, and a wonderful time was had by everyone.

IMG_2658IMG_2668 IMG_2672 IMG_2676 IMG_2680 IMG_2684 IMG_2687 IMG_2689IMG_2656 IMG_2662-Edit IMG_2700IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2725 IMG_2741 IMG_2746 IMG_2747IMG_3036 IMG_3014IMG_2768IMG_2777 IMG_2788 IMG_2789IMG_2837

IMG_2928 IMG_2931 IMG_2942 IMG_2944 IMG_2955 IMG_2979 IMG_2982 IMG_2983 IMG_2990 IMG_3042 IMG_3048 IMG_3066 IMG_3084 IMG_3094

Susan and Neil and their four sons.


The Newlyweds with Jennifer and CJ, the founders of the feast.

IMG_3154 IMG_3161IMG_3165 IMG_3163

The wedding day ended with close friends and family under the lights of Little Hawaii and the beauty of another wonderful Arizona sunset.   Good luck and God bless, Susan and Neil.  May you have great adventures kayaking  and may you find wonderful recipes on those cooking shows you love to watch.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day.


I freely admit that I am not up on current artists and trends and all of that.  I had know idea who Chihuly was or the artwork he did until my friend Shannon Gillis raged about how much she hated going to the Desert Botanical Garden’s and how much she hated Chihuly’s work.  As I had no prior knowledge of Chihuly or any vision of what his work looked like, I viewed Shannon’s rant with much amusement.

As it turned out, I and the wife took a trip during Christmas break to the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Chihuly exhibit.  At the risk of sounding trite and corny, I must say I was blown away.  Chihuly’s work is really great.  And as impressive as it is, what I really found outstanding was the organic quality of his work.  The works were designed to reflect the environment of the Gardens.

Here a few of my favorite images from that visit.

IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2455 IMG_2457 IMG_2462 IMG_2463 IMG_2471 IMG_2484 IMG_2491 IMG_2496 IMG_2509 IMG_2525 IMG_2527 IMG_2528 IMG_2531 IMG_2539 IMG_2541 IMG_2545 IMG_2548 IMG_2556 IMG_2565 IMG_2569 IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2581

For more of Chihuly, click here.

CHIHULY UPDATE: I am including this photo just to show the sculptures climbing up the mountain.  And they were lit up at night.



January 6 was my birthday.  I got a few belated birthday wishes and cards, which is cool with me.  I sort of set aside January as a birthday month.  I enjoy the greetings and wishes whenever I get them.  So this is my belated New Year’s blog.

 STRESSED  I celebrated my uniform number on January 6.  Being a man of a certain age with a few health risk factors, I found myself scheduled for a stress echocardiogram test on the 8th.  I will tell you that I wasn’t looking forward to this test. With my brand new endocrinologist reminding me a few times on my first visit that “I am no spring chicken”, and the fact that I am, and I quote Jack Reacher “slower than the U.S. Mail”, I was not looking forward to running on a treadmill.  This is all added to my biggest fear of doctors, the fact that one day they WILL find something wrong with you.

So the test day comes.  I do a little stretching for the first time in 7 years, and I am ready to go.  This test is a little more advanced than just a regular stress test.  The assistants do an ultrasound of the heart while you are resting.  Then it is up on the treadmill to get the old heart rate up to some insane level for 6 minutes, then on the table for another ultrasound.  Easy Peasy.

I get done with the first ultra sound and then hop up on the treadmill.  About every 3 minutes the tech elevates and speeds up the treadmill.  I am pretty sure by the time I reached the last speed, Usain Bolt could not have caught me.

Back on the table for the ultrasound.  Having just won the Olympics, I am breathing quite hard to say the least.   I really enjoyed the part where the tech said “breath in a little and hold your breath.”  If I had any breath I would have said “you got to be kidding me.!”

The best news was that I am not on my way to a quadruple bypass, but that my heart is healthy and everything is normal.  Pretty good way to start of my uniform year.


MY 2013 FAVORITES  The are arranged in the order they were taken.  Just a few of my favorites from the year.


Shontionn and Maria’s Engagement Session:  They are now expecting their first child.  Congratulations kids.


Matsuri Festival: I met this remarkable young woman and photographer at the Matsuri Festival.  She and her sister Riho are now on a 31/2 month Peace Boat Cruise.  Last photo she posted to Facebook was of her planting a tree in Madagascar.


Sergio Portrait Session:  A head shot I did of former student and aspiring comedian Sergio.  I think he regrets having me do this.  Every time I see him I demand “make me laugh, funny man!”


Nilza’s Senior Portrait Session:  She is currently rocking the college life at NAU.


Down Syndrome Day Picnic: My first DSNetwork event.  A few of my photos even made some of their literature, which is kind of cool.  I have been one of several photogs at two more DSNetwork events.


Jason and Katie Engagement Session:  Now enjoying a wonderful married life.  I love their posts and updates on Facebook.


Hazel Maternity Session: Hazel, my favorite banker.  Now enjoying time with her new son.


Customer Appreciation Session: Vonn and Jana at Vonn’s Customer Appreciation Day session.  They did all the hard work, I just got to have fun taking pictures.  My kind of day!


Jason and Katie Wedding: Jason and Katie on their wedding day.  One of their favorites, which makes it one of my favorites.


Blanton Family Session:  I like this one because the light hit the waterfall just right to turn the background golden.  I wonder if the architect knew this would happen.


Aaron and Sarah Maternity Session: They went from being told they could never have children to this blessed turn around in their lives.


Hana and Michael Engagement Session: I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in March.


Barsness Family Session:  This is the cutest picture of Avery.


Wojahn Family Session:  The two boys were just the best kids to photograph all day.


Aaron and Sarah’s Sam:  Had to pick this as a favorite since I did the maternity session.  What a cutie.

MY FAVORITE CANDID  I freely admit that my favorite type of photography to capture are the candid photographs.  They capture, I believe, the true essence and spirit of the moment.  In this candid, bride Katie insists on giving groom Jason a piggy back ride.  I captured this picture just at the moment that Katie realized they were about to do a face plant into the dusty surface of Sahuaro Ranch Park.  Classic.


FINAL THOUGHTS 2013 was a good year for me.  I took photographs of some marvelous people.  Poole Photography continues to grow.  I am looking forward to great 2014.

I would also like to thank the staff of John C Lincoln Heart Institute.  They were the ultimate professionals and were a calming influlence for a patient who definitely made it clear that he wanted to be anywhere else but at the testing site that morning.  Fine people.

I hope everyone who reads this has a great year and God’s blessings.  And for those who don’t read this post, I wish all these good things for you too.  You just don’t know that I did.

Tim Poole is a retired high school teacher who has started Poole Photography LLC as his second career.  He enjoys doing wedding photography, especially small, DIY weddings.  Tim also is a monthly blogger for the Photographer’s Adventure Club website.