La session de la maternité de Haze

For the majority of my teaching career it was a very rare occurrence  but always a treat, to run into a former student. Facebook has obviously changed that. Vive la révolution des médias sociaux! But before Facebook hit the scene, seeing a former student and catching up with them usually happened by accident. As it did with Hazel. Hazel is a former photography student of mine from 2006. Our reconnecting happened when I walked into my bank one day, which I seldom do, and there was Hazel working at the teller window. As a student, Hazel was always smiling and cheerful and we had many a pleasant conversation during class. She hasn’t  changed at all. We now connect on Facebook, and on those still rare occasions when I go into the bank I can still count on Hazel for a cheerful greeting and a bit of pleasant conversation.

When it comes to remembering a student, there usually is one or two incidents with that student that come to mind.   One story I remember is the day I sent Hazel down to her French teacher to see if the two of them could translate the words to a 15th century French folk song.  Hazel and the teacher did their best, but after all, it WAS 15th century French.  Think reading Medieval English.  Now I can Google the song for the translation.  I can even download the song as a ringtone.  La joie de merveilles modernes.

Hazel is expecting her second child. Hazel graciously allowed me to use her as my model for my first ever maternity session.   I am very grateful to you, Hazel, for giving me this opportunity.

Appréciez les photos tout le monde.

2013-05-06_0052.jpg2013-05-06_0049.jpg  2013-05-06_0051.jpg 2013-05-06_0050.jpg 2013-05-06_0046.jpg2013-05-06_0038.jpg2013-05-06_0044.jpg  2013-05-06_0032.jpg2013-05-06_0035.jpg2013-05-06_0026.jpg2013-05-06_0034.jpg2013-05-06_0014.jpg  2013-05-06_0015.jpg   2013-05-06_0012.jpg2013-05-06_0004.jpg2013-05-06_0002.jpg


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