I shared Hana and Mike’s engagement photographs a few months ago in my blog “The Lumberjack and the Princess“.  Well, the big day finally arrived last Sunday.  Hana and Mike got married. I was privileged enough to photograph their wedding.

ONE of the refrains that was repeated often during the night was “that’s so Hana.”  This phrase started to be said almost immediately when people saw the venue that Hana and Mike had chosen for the wedding.  The venue was The Whispering Tree Ranch.  To put it in the words on the ranch website, the Ranch is “A vintage wedding venue unlike any other, a serene oasis in the sun-drenched desert of Arizona.”

WHEN one gets near to the ranch, all one sees is a group of trees surrounded by a vast landscape of alfalfa fields.  If a person drove by the place, they would know they had missed it because there is nothing but flat land going on forever.

I was one of the first people to arrive.  As I got out of the truck I heard Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou” blasting out of The Coop Bar. Hearing one of the all time great songs was enough  to make me happy to be there.


I took a little bit of time to talk to the owner.  She told me that the property had been an old ranch and that they had bought the property to specifically turn it into a rustic, vintage wedding venue.  She then took me on a tour showing me where everything would be happening during the day.  What a marvelous place.

AS the bridal party and guests started to arrive and people saw the Ranch for the first time, people realized why Hana had chosen this venue.  As people talked about the Ranch, the conversation went much like this. “I see why she picked this place, this is so Hana!”


A nice poster, artwork courtesy of Hana herself, for people to write greetings and well wishes and blessings for the couple.


A classic touch!  A vintage hour glass.


The Coop Bar from whence the Creedence played.


A vintage dresser, a lit up sign and several adult beverages.

746-by 748-by

AS part of its package, the WTR prepares a fantastic buffet which is  served outdoors in a setting that reminds one of those classic, old time Sunday after church country dinners.  The fare for the night was pulled pork, chicken, homemade potato salad and a tomato basil soup served by a friendly and helpful young lady. Excellent service and an excellent meal.

THE Whispering Tree Ranch meets the entire needs of the wedding couple providing  a bridal preparation room,  a place for the ceremony and an area for the reception and dance, all decorated with vintage furniture and decorations.







The wedding and reception would not be complete without the dance.  Whispering Tree has a provides a wooden dance floor and a DJ, Ramzy Saba.  This young man did a wonderful job all day providing music for the ceremony and music for the dance. He also made sure he communicated how much time it was before the first dance and parent dances, the garter and bouquet toss.  He was a master at keeping the festivities running on time.

And in another “that’s so Hana” moment, the song that was played when Hana was walked down the aisle was The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.”  What a brilliant choice.  Says so much about the depth of the feelings these two have for each other.



The grand finale of the evening is the couple’s send off through a tunnel of sparkler’s.   Great fun!


As the evening progressed and the air grew chilly, people started pulling out coats and sweaters.  Which leads me into my final “That’s So Hana” story.  When the temperature got cold and a wrap was needed for her bare shoulders, our lovely bride in her lovely white wedding gown threw on a red flannel shirt.  That’s so Hana.


I hoped to accomplish two things with this blog.  The first was to give a little teaser for the upcoming blog and photographs of Hana and Mike’s wedding day.  The second purpose was to introduce potential brides to the Whispering Tree Ranch.  The photographs I have posted hopefully give a bride the feeling of the experience of a wedding at the Ranch.  It’s a wonderful place.  I have linked to the Ranch website here, and to the DJ’s website here.

Photographs appearing on this page were taken by Poole Photography LLC., lead photographer Tim Poole and assistant photographer Brianna Yahraus.

I want to give a big thanks to Hana and Mike for having me do their engagement and wedding photography.  It was an honor to play a part in your special day.


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