My friend CJ approached me at one of our weekly retired guys meetings and inquired if I would be interested in photographing a small wedding he was putting together for a couple of friends.  He also said that I knew at least one of the people  as she had worked at my school and now worked in the school district office.  As I like photographing small, intimate weddings, I quickly agreed to do the photography that day.

I knew the Susan from the brief time that she worked at my school before she transferred over to the district office. Neil also works at the district office, and it was there that they met.  Their relationship first began with just their casual smiles at each other as the passed in the office hallways.  Neil admits that he was smitten with Susan when he first met her, and it only took one date for Susan to realize that Neil was The One.  As they spent time together, they started talking about the reality of getting married and finally agreed that marriage was the right thing for them to do.

As the couple announced their plans at work and to their friends, CJ and his wife Jennifer convinced Susan and Neil that they should conduct the ceremony and reception at CJ and Jenner’s home.  Thus was beginning what I call the wedding in Little Hawaii.  CJ grew up in Hawaii and his backyard landscaping and decorations are all based on Hawaiian themes.

Both Susan and Neil mention that one of the favorite things about the other is their smile.  Those smiles were visible all around on the big day.  Definitely no “now look serious” poses for them.  The setting was great, the food terrific, and a wonderful time was had by everyone.

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Susan and Neil and their four sons.


The Newlyweds with Jennifer and CJ, the founders of the feast.

IMG_3154 IMG_3161IMG_3165 IMG_3163

The wedding day ended with close friends and family under the lights of Little Hawaii and the beauty of another wonderful Arizona sunset.   Good luck and God bless, Susan and Neil.  May you have great adventures kayaking  and may you find wonderful recipes on those cooking shows you love to watch.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day.