Readers were introduced to this young couple in my blog post on April 15, linked here.  The big day finally arrived on June 7th.  The wedding was held at Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale.  The day went off with just a minor hitch.  Mother Nature blessed us with a 112 degree day.  But we live in a desert and are aware of the things we need to do to survive and found as much open shade as we could at 4 in the afternoon to get the early photo session out of the way.

The venue for the wedding was the fruit packing shed at the park.  It was a great little place to have the ceremony and the reception.  The shed and the surrounding area allow for rustic looking photographs using the antique buildings and equipment as props.  We also had access to the vineyards to use as a backdrop for some of the images we took.  And the park is not nicknamed “Peacock Park” for no reason.  The many peacocks that live on the ranch decided to show up and watch the “goings on” of the afternoon.

Because Katie is a former student athlete of mine, there were many guests at the wedding that are also former students and athletes that I haven’t seen in quite awhile.  It was great seeing them and catching up with their lives.  My little Hawklings have all grown up…sniff.  It is great to see how these young men and women have grown out of that “floppy puppy” person they were as Freshmen.

I want to thank Katie and Jason for the opportunity to photograph their wedding and share in that magical time of their lives.  They are a great couple who display a great enthusiasm for each other and for Jason’s son, Andrew.  I wish them the best as they start on this new journey as a family.


KJW-43The beautiful bride

KJW-10The handsome groom

KJW-25The Groom and his Men

KJW-47The Bride and her Lovely Ladies

KJW-49 KJW-23The wedding was soccer themed, as the couple met at a soccer tournament they were both playing in.

KJW-151-EditThe Family Hyatt


KJW-180-Edit2013 version of American Gothic


KJW-80Katie’s grandfather’s Bible

KJW-376Sealed the deal on the Bible

KJW-359-EditIt was a donut that started it all…great things start out as simple things


KJW-252-EditAll wedding portraits should look like this.  Fun was the keyword of the evening.

KJW-302The main event of the reception dance.  Andrew calls his dad out for a dance-off.  As I remember it, Andrew won.


Wedding photography was done by Tim Poole of Poole Photography LLC

Thanks to my second shooter Brianna Yahraus for all her help that night.



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