Their love story begins at a soccer tournament. Katie was asked at the last minute if she wanted to participate in a weekend soccer tournament. She agreed. On her way to the tournament, Katie picked up a maple iced donut for pre-meet nutrition. During the usual pre-game milling around, Katie was getting ready to eat the afore mentioned donut when a strapping young soccer player walked up to her and struck up a conversation. It was primarily about what motivates all strapping young athletes; food, specifically the donut that Katie was about to eat. The young man introduced himself as Jason and informed Katie that he was a huge fan of maple donuts and asked if she would be willing to share. Katie agreed that he could have half. As she was about to tear the donut in two, Jason was called away to join his team in their pregame warm up. After he left, Katie ate her half and put Jason’s half away for safe keeping. After all, she thought, a deal is a deal.

A couple of hours later, during a break in the action, Jason found his way back to Katie and jokingly asked if she had saved him some of the donut. Much to his surprise Katie pulled out the half of the donut she had kept and gave it to him. Jason told Katie he was kidding around and didn’t really expect that she had saved any for him. Katie explained to him that she had told him she would give him some of the donut and she was just keeping her word.

As the day is drawing to an end, Jason wandered over to where Katie was and suggested to her that they exchange phone numbers, just in case he needs another maple donut sometime. By the time Jason returned to his team’s camp, he realized that he had used one of the dorkiest “let’s exchange phone numbers” lines….ever! When the crush of regret and remorse got a firm grip in Jason’s wheelhouse, he texted a girl he knew telling her that he had just used the dorkiest “let’s exchange numbers” line…ever! The rest of the text pretty much bemoaned the fact that he had blown any chance he might have had to get to know Katie, etc. etc. It just so happens that the girl Jason texted is also a friend of Katie’s and she shared Jason’s text with Katie.

I am happy to say that Jason’s fears were unfounded. Katie and Jason are engaged to be married in June.

Who knew that Cupid’s arrow would come in the shape of a maple donut?

I am pleased to share these images from Katie and Jason’s engagement session.

“Live hand in hand and together we’ll stand…on the threshold of a dream.”

from “The Dream” by the Moody Blues


Cupid’s arrow…with maple frosting



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