Karla and Saul have been together for 7 years, celebrating the 7th one with their October wedding.

I had this nice young man named Saul in my third hour beginning photography class.  As we matriculated through the semester, Saul was always turning in photographs of this attractive young lady.  Finally I asked him who the girl was in his pictures.  “That is my girlfriend Karla.”  As I was about to respond to this information, Saul then said “she is in your second hour class.”

That is  how I got to know this lovely couple.

I usually would tell my seniors that once they graduate, the soap opera that is high school ends and real life begins.  When I say that I mean it as a positive.  A person is now free from the shackles of all the limiting and trivial influences that occur doing high school.  To be precise, they grow up and make adult choices about their lives.  Karla works as a teaching assistant and volunteers as a youth mentor while pursuing her degree in psychology.  Saul takes classes part time and works full time to support their little family.

I was delighted when I heard that Karla and Saul had gotten engaged.  And, of course, super delighted, or over the moon, as some might say,` when they asked me to photograph their wedding.

It was a small, intimate wedding attended by family and friends with many great memories that will last Karla and Saul a lifetime.

The wedding and reception were held at the Glendale Civic Center in the Garden Courtyard.  A fun, festive, beautiful outdoor wedding under clear October skies.  The bride and groom chose plum and white, the same colors as their senior prom.

941019 0251181070140400901057123016Rings and Things450 490 1067

Mr. Vargas075 080Miss Karla192 189 186 181The First Look

Whether the groom sees the bride in all her finery as she walks down the aisle or a pre-ceremony first look photo opportunity, the groom’s reaction is priceless.  It is a once in a life time experience.  Grooms get this expression on their face that says “Wow!”  149 150 151 154 156 158Notice the folks in the building, looking out the window to catch Saul’s reaction when he gets his “first look” at Karla.160 161 162 166 170A Simple Ceremony273 276 278 282 3131259325313-2331332336339340352362-Edit00302365Karla Celeste Vargas and Saul Vargas…198212 - Copy 217 226 - Copy 463 230 236-Edit00303 456 463 473 481465480488179810781079A little dancing under the Arizona sky…507508540546562587Getting a picture of the bride and groom getting a picture picture of the bride and groom!605610615617636651671726728734744753787Having some fun at the photo booth.801806831835Cake Time874886896900993101810221044Now it’s time to say goodnight.  Karla and Saul….thanks for the opportunity to photography your wedding.  As these photos attest, a grand time was had by all.  Love capturing all those smiles.  1090





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