I met Nilza during my last year of teaching at Apollo High School.  She was a sophomore when I met her.  I was hanging out in my friend Dave’s classroom while he was having an Academic Decathlon meeting.  Nilza was a member of the team.  After the meeting she and Dave started to discuss guitars and music.  I found out that Nilza is a huge Beatles fan.  I just love it when the youth of today appreciate the classics.

Nilza is a smart, talented and, as can be seen in these images, a beautiful young lady.  In addition to her participation on the Academic Decathlon team Nilza is also a member of the Apollo Marching Band.  She taught herself to play guitar and has quite the singing voice.  Just a few days after we shot this session,  Nilza sang her way to a first place finish in the Apollo Talent Show.  Quite a finish as Nilza wraps up her senior year.

And of course, she has impeccable taste in music.  Did I mention she is a Beatles fan?

IMG_9601-6 IMG_9617-9 IMG_9622-10 IMG_9623-11 IMG_9688-14 IMG_9785-17 IMG_9809-18 IMG_9824-19 Nilza 1 Nilza 2



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