My friend Steve often says “there’s always a story”.  Each couple that I have the honor and privilege of photographing has their own unique love story.  How did they meet?  When did they know? How did he propose?  Every engaged and married couple knows their story and for each couple it is a unique journey which ultimately leads to the same place, the joining of 2 soul mates into one entity.

For Nicole and Billy things started out simply…two groups of friends out for the evening started a conversation.  Nicole and Billy exchanged phone numbers that night.  Two days later they went on their first date and  by the end of that date, they both knew that they were right for each other.  While on the road to Albuquerque for a friend’s wedding, while stopping at a scenic overlook on the Mogollon Rim, Billy got down on a knee and popped the question.  Nicole was “surprised, happy and shocked!” all at the same time.  And fortunately for their story, she recovered enough to say… yes!




“I thought he was very nice and could actually hold a conversation.”

“I though she was very pretty and down to earth, and fun to talk to.”


“Nicole is loving and patient, dedicated to her work in the medical field, and she loves our dog Cody!”


“Billy is the most loving person and the sweetest person I have ever met.  And he is a die-hard ASU football fan!”



“We rarely fight, and when we do, it is a minor disagreement because we both stay humble and admit our mistakes.”  016


Nicole on Nicole “I am talkative, love to laugh and patient.”



Billy on Billy “I am detailed oriented, organized and outgoing.”


They love our Arizona sports teams…especially ASU…where Billy is working on his PhD.

140 083 144 105

The couple enjoys traveling to see family, hers in Bridgeport, Nebraska, his in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  When they are not going out with friends, or each other on a date night, Nicole and Billy love to stay home and relax while watching a movie or a favorite TV show.051

Nicole and Billy are a lovely couple and a pleasure to work with.  I am looking forward to photographing their wedding day.


Cody came with…to help out with the session and make a cute couple even cuter!


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