A Fine Evening for A Wedding

Almost a year ago I posted the engagement session of Nicole and Billy (and Cody Pup).  In early November, these two got married at the lovely Tempe Mission Palms.  The hotel is nestled in downtown Tempe.  The open courtyard and fountain made for a wonderful and romantic venue for the ceremony.  Of course the wedding day is all about the Bride and Groom.  These are some of my favorite images from that day.  I hope they convey all the love and happiness that Nicole, Billy, friends and family had that day.

6G7A0079 6G7A0084 6G7A0085 6G7A0107 6G7A0129Preparation

E89A9120A little time to relax and share

E89A9134 E89A9153Final TouchesE89A9278 E89A9300 E89A9302 E89A9306 E89A9309The Groom and his men.
E89A9192E89A9200E89A9204E89A9218A little down time with the fellas.


Sometimes the emotions overwhelm…

E89A9384 E89A9390And sometimes we just have to laugh…E89A9430 E89A9433The smile says it all

E89A9444NIcole’s family
E89A9466Wedding ParyE89A9512 E89A9515 E89A9519 E89A9522It is almost traditional to throw the groom into the fountainE89A9527 E89A9533 E89A9538 E89A9545 E89A9549The Lovely BrideE89A9555 E89A9557 E89A9559E89A9517E89A9307E89A9267-Edit00306Gorgeous CoupleE89A9565 E89A9571 E89A9572 E89A9585 E89A9590 E89A9597 E89A9599Let’s get this party started!6G7A0368 E89A9667 E89A9690 E89A9715Not the usual Reception game, but quite fun!

E89A9834The belle of the ballE89A9801127The Game of Hats145156E89A0019 E89A0038E89A9881 E89A9882 E89A9888 E89A9903 E89A9927 E89A9931We had a great time!  Good Night All!



The dress, rings and other detail shots at the beginning of this post were taken by Jody Frost.  This was my first time working with Jody and she did a marvelous job.  I hope we get to work together again.  For a look at more of her wonderful photos check out J Frost Photography.


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