I did not say this, nor do I know who to attribute it to, but this sums it all up: “today is the day that men fought and died for.  Today is the day we live for.” I urge everyone to go vote.

Heard a funny story today.  As you know, stories abound about election fraud and cheating, and that is a good thing to be concerned about.  As the following story shows, this has been happening in this country for a long time.  Story took place in the very late 1800’s.  The man I was listening to was told this story by his grandfather.  Seems grandfather had to get on a train to go to his polling place in another town. As he got off the train there was a wagon with the name of the candidate he supported ready to take anyone supporting that candidate to the polling place.  Grandfather was also given a bottle of an adult beverage to help pass the time on the trip.  It wasn’t until much later that he realized the wagon was driven by a supporter of the opponent and he was going away from town.  The grandfather was not able to get to the polls in time to vote.  Some things never change.

Day #2 of my 365 daily challenge is another day of watches.  As I set up my little composition, I was joined by my cat.  I had wanted to get a couple of pictures of Hillary to post them on Halloween.  He was extremely difficult to get to cooperate.  So know Halloween pictures.  But the minute I start taking pictures of my composition, he jumps on the table and settles himself on the table right in front of the camera, purring away.

“I am here to help.”

I am all set for next year.  Happy Halloween 2013


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