I am going to talk about some items that I wanted to discuss in the Bride-to- Be blog, but really couldn’t find a way to seamlessly work them into the conversation.  I guess this is like the “deleted scenes” on a movie DVD.

There has always been a potential for fraud and deceit in the business of wedding photography.  About 13 or so years ago, when film photography was king, one of the local news channels ran a story because several brides had contracted with one studio to photograph their weddings.  These brides had not received their photographs.  The TV station investigated and ended up at the office of this studio.  Inside they found about 50 envelopes of negatives and prints that had never been delivered.   Scams occur.  We all wish they didn’t but they do.  Brides, make sure you do your homework and cut down on those chances for an unhappy day when it comes to your wedding photographs.

Whenever I hear stories of people getting fooled, swindled or defrauded, I am always reminded of the following story.  It may have started out as a harmless prank, but one would think there should be someone around in an organization to say “Hey!  This isn’t a good idea.”  The story involves a Hooter’s waitress  (read here) in a Florida restaurant.  They had a big beer promotion (like they really  need a beer promotion) and the waitress that sold the most beer in the month would win a Toyota.  So the day came when the winner was announced.  Put yourself in her shoes when instead of the keys to a new Toyota, she was handed a Toy Yoda doll.  Now some people with a bit of a cruel streak may be chuckling at the cleverness of this hoax, but I assure you the waitress wasn’t.  She quit Hooters, sued and settled out of court.  She did get to pick out a new Toyota.

Starting today I am going to photograph and post a picture each day for a year.  This is the 365 day photo challenge.  It has lots of variations.  I am going to keep it simple the moment and just take and post a picture for each day.  As a starting point, I will be basing my subject matter on the monthly challenges of the Photographers Adventure Club.  The theme for the next three days clocks, watches and sundials, which is what they used to time my 40 yard dash in football.  This pocket watch is one of the first Christmas presents my wife gave me.





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