Election night always wears me out, whether my candidates win or lose.  I learned all I know about election night activities from my Dad.  I was 8 years old in 1959 (to save you from getting out your calculator out, I am 61) when it was Nixon versus Kennedy.  That election went way late in the night and I remember my Dad up all night drinking tea, smoking cigarettes and pacing around the living room.  I pretty much do the same, except for the smoking and I am not inclined to pace much.

I think in the next election cycle I will start a Facebook type page strictly for all the political rants and raves so people can go on my site and post all of that stuff.  I joined Facebook because it is social media.  There was a lot of un-social stuff being posted these last few months.  Besides, I might become a billionaire like Zuckerberg.

Today through Friday the subject for the Photographers Adventure Club is to render the photographs in a sepia tone.  Trying to come up with what to shoot for this project, I concluded I wanted my subject to be kind of rustic.  Hit upon my subject matter at the store and bought a bunch of Thanksgiving related objects to set up as a still life.  Here are some of my results.  I hope the reader enjoys these.

Post script to this: it is hard to write a blog when I have a cat chewing on my toes.  And these pictures are for day three of my 365 day challenge.  That is all.



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