HELP PORTRAIT 2013  On December 14th I once again participated in the Photographers Adventure Club’s Help Portrait event.  This year it was held in conjunction with the DSNetwork’s annual Christmas party at The Venue in Scottsdale.  The PAC’s role was … Continue reading


I did my student teaching back in the spring of 1979.  My supervising teacher was resigning from education to open his own construction business.  Since I had made the decision at the age of 27 to get my teaching certificate and leave the business world, I was a bit baffled by his decision, and a bit concerned that I had made a mistake.  When asked, this is what he told me was his reasoning.  He said that he never knew the results of his hard work.  When he built something, he could see a finished product. Not so in teaching.  This bothered him enough to make him leave the profession.  And he was right.  It was very rare to ever meet a former student and catch up on how he or she was doing.  But as I have said before in earlier posts, that all changed with the invention of social media.  Once again, I was able to spend time last Saturday with former students.  For me it was almost like a family reunion.

I introduced readers to Dominique in the post “Comedy is not Pretty”. and Aaron in “Aaron, Sarah, and CB.”  I got to see Dominique and Aaron on the Saturday of the City West Sports flag football championships.  Dominique runs City West Sports as well as serving as the head coach of one of the teams, the Silverbacks.  Dominique asked me if I could come one day and shoot some pictures to be used later for mailings and such.  I said sure, and by my good fortune, I picked the day of the championship games.  As it turns out, Aaron is also the head coach of another CWS team, the Warriors.  Both Dom and Aaron played football for me, and Aaron coached with me for 4 years.  I was looking forward to seeing how my former players would handle their head coaching duties.

They handled them quite well, thank you very much!

The Silverbacks and the Warriors both won the City West Sports championship  for their age group on Saturday.  It was fun to watch.

When they played for me, we had this play called Crisscross.  A double handoff play that usually scored whenever we ran it.  When Dominique was on my team, I made sure he would be the one to run it.  He had to switch positions to do so.  When he lined up to run the Crisscross,  you could hear the coaches on the other side yelling “Crisscross!  They are running the Crisscross!”  Didn’t help.  Dom scored.  I loved that play.

Early in the morning, I am taking pictures of Aaron’s first game.  The first play goes all the way for a touchdown.  After the game, I went over to Aaron to congratulate him and said, “through the camera lens, that first play looked suspiciously like the Crisscross.  Is it?”  Aaron confirmed that it was that play and he ran it all the time.  The legend of the Crisscross continues.

I also got to see a few more of my former students.  Sergio, Dom’s brother was there.  I caught up with him and his comedy career.  Aaron’s wife Sarah, whose maternity photos I shot, showed up with the newborn.  Aaron’s brother, Justin,  another former player,and his wife and 3 kids were there.  She is expecting a fourth.  Jason, a former student and player as well, was there along  with his fiance and two children.  Came to find out he works for the same company my wife does.  Throw in Aaron and Justin’s mom and dad and Dom and Sergio’s mom being there, it just turned out to be a great “reunion” and one of the best days.

Dom really put together an enjoyable, fun day.  Although football was the main event, there was a bouncy house, a face painter, a balloon animal maker, plenty of food and non stop music.  Way to go, Dom.  You done good!

The Banner Runthroug!

The Banner Runthrough!

I remember once as we came out to start the second half of a game, a cheerleader came up to me in tears and said, “The team (sniffle) didn’t run through (sob) the banner we (sniff) we made for them (SOB)!”  Little things are important.  I am glad these young boys are learning this at an early age.

Cold Weather Gear

Cold Weather Gear

Head first down the bouncy house.

Head first down the bouncy house.

Yum!  Hotdogs!

Yum! Hotdogs!

Balloon Art

Balloon Art

Face Painting

Face Painting

The Cheerleaders.

The Cheerleaders.

The Payoff!

The Payoff!

IMG_1536    IMG_0903

THE LOOK.  I think I know where they got it from.



Dominique, the founder of the feast that is City West Sports.


Aaron and the lovely Sarah

As I had the privilege of photographing Sarah’s maternity session, I think this would be a great time to see the Samuel Aaron.  Makes me almost rethink my decision not to photograph newborns.  Almost.

IMG_1684 IMG_0875 IMG_1677

I encourage you to please check out the City West Website here and check out what they do.


Feeling much like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, I have been extremely distracted today, so I have put off writing today’s post until now.  On the other hand, this is how I got through college, so I am used to working well under pressure.

A few random thoughts for today.

In an earlier post I mentioned the website style design by Sitehouse that I had won at the MJ2Day workshop.  However, I have been having troubles with downloading and uploading and side loading, if there is such a thing.  I took my time selecting the right choice of a template, finally placed my order and the shipped me a link.    Not knowing who they were dealing with, they put a one day expiration date on the link.  So a few days later when I went to upload it, it didn’t work.  Sitehouse graciously gave me the link again, this time with a two week window.  I did download the link, but I could not successfully upload it to Showit.  But thanks to Showit’s great online support team, namely a nice young fellow named Jason, I was walked through the correct steps to upload my chosen style design.  And there is nothing wrong with the Sitehouse design or the Showit site because they wouldn’t do the volume of business they do if they had faulty products.  It was all me.  I just don’t have the computer intuition and common sense to figure out what step I am missing.  Of course it was an easy fix and I just shook my head because I could have and should have figured it out myself.

My statistics for this blog show that on occasion someone visits my About page.  Unfortunately, my About page is under construction.  I like to write…I am not good at writing about myself.  Time to work on the about page.

My throwback picture of today goes back to my first year of teaching.  I was at Glendale High School.  The band director was gung ho into school spirit.  On every Friday during football season, he would take the band marching around campus playing the fight song.  This happened on my prep hour, so one Friday I grabbed a tuba and another coach grabbed a bass drum and we marched along with the band.  This moment was captured for all eternity by one of the school newspaper photographers.  I started teaching teaching at the age of 29.  I look like a child.



A few years ago Leif Barsness and I were fellow teachers and travelers in the halls of the mighty Apollo High School, roaming around looking for the hidden, illegal coffee makers that were rumored to be somewhere on campus.  I retired, leaving Leif to search on his own, while I lived in the comfort of knowing where the coffee was at all times.

A couple of years pass and I have the good fortune of running into Leif and his lovely wife, Anne, at a wedding that I was photographing.  Leif gets to see me in my full reincarnation of Tim the Photographer as I worked at Jason and Katie’s wedding.   That was the springboard for us getting together and doing the Barsness family session.

Of course the main goal of the family session is to capture that one great group shot that gets hung on the wall and put in the classroom.  With little kids that can be a bit tricky because as soon as the tableau is set, something will catch a little one’s eye and I take a great shot of three faces and the back of one head. But i know if I take enough shots I will get at least one image that will make for good wall art.

Personally I think the better images come from the candid shots and the shots of one parent and one child together.  Candid shots of any subject always capture the true emotionality of the moment.  The smiles are not the typical “say cheese” smiles.  The candid expressions are the true expressions, the expressions of the soul.  As for the one parent and child, I believe those great results come from the intimacy of the situation.  The comfort of the child knowing that they are with their mom or with their dad makes for a more natural, candid image.  These are the images I really enjoy taking at all my sessions.

I am happy to share today some of my favorite images from the Barsness session. During that time I got to catch up with Leif’s life at Apollo.  I believe he is now running an underground shadow government at Apollo and is controlling everything behind the scenes.  I also got to talk to Anne and get to know her much better.  Anne is one more example of how all of my friends have married someone above their pay grade.  She is a delightful young lady and mother.  Of course kids are kids and always fun to interact with.  Langston and Avery were great.

The hardest part about this shoot is this blog post.  Leif is an English teacher.  I sincerely hope there aren’t too many red check marks on this post.

Some of my favorites from the Barsness session.


Of course I must start a family session with the family portrait.  Love that Avery is looking at Langston.


Getting ready.

Barsness-0064-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographerBarsness-0047-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0008-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0019-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographerBarsness-0010-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0013-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0015-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0030-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0035-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0047-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographerBarsness-0054-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer Barsness-0060-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographerBarsness-0056-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographerBarsness-0023-family_session__family_photography__Glendale_family_photographer

We did have someone try to “goose” their way into out session.  Fun times at the park!

Thanks to Leif and Anne for allowing me share an hour with their  family, capture these images, and share some fun times with Langston and Avery.


One of Bill Cosby’s great comedy routines was about him and his college girlfriend.  She was a philosophy major, he was a physical education major.  She wandered around asking questions such as “Why is there air?”  To which Bill replied “Any phys ed major knows why there is air.  There’s air to blow up volleyballs, blow up basketballs!”

I wonder about things.  Little things.  Things that are not really significant to the whole scheme of life and goings on in this world, but things I nonetheless think about.  For example, who invented Throwback Thursday and why?  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great little theme to use for posting on Facebook and blogs.  I figure that if I just post one photograph for each year of my life, I have more than a year of Throwback Thursday blog posts.  But I am curious about its origins.

Today is November 1st.  It is the start of something known as “No Shave November”.  I prepared myself by shaving at 11:45 PM yesterday.  While shaving, the amateur philosopher in me asked this question, “Why is there such a thing as “No Shave November?  Who started it?  Why am I participating in it? Why am I shaving myself at midnight?”

As a young lad I could not wait to become old enough to shave.  My father advised me not to be in too big a hurry to shave because I would soon come to hate the morning ritual of shaving.  But eventually nature takes its course and I joined the ranks of every young man and began each morning with a clean, close shave.

The high school dress code made sure that shaving was part of the daily routing.  Prescott High School had a “no facial hair” rule.   To put this into context, I attended PHS from 1965-1969, which meant that if the administration didn’t want us to have facial hair, all of us guys desperately wanted to have mustaches and beards.

One glorious week out of each year, the school had Spring Spirit week which featured a beard growing contest.  No shaving for a week!  Most of my friends and I fell into what I would charitably call “the scragglies” and really didn’t expect to win.  That honor would always go to the one student who looked like he was straight out of Duck Dynasty after one week of not shaving.  I was just happy for the week off.

Based on what I have related so far, one might think that once I hit college, I went into to full ZZ Top mode, but that would be untrue.  It was not until my third year of college that I actually grew a full beard.  Since that time I have run the gamut from clean shaven to mustache to beard and back to clean shaven.  These days I spend the majority of my time clean shaven with a few days off from shaving here and there.  Once a month I indulge myself and get a professional face shave, something every man should try once.  It’s quite an experience.

Which brings me back to the main topic of No Shave November.  Although I willingly participate, No Shave November is not all fun and games for me.  No way.  First of all, it takes about two weeks before the itching and irritation stop.  Secondly, my beard is all white, so it ages my looks at least 20 years.  Plus, being a big man with a white beard means I need to be on my best behavior in public.  I have noticed  little children who start whispering to their moms when they see me, wondering if I am the big man from the North Pole making an early visit.  Strange as it may sound, I feel a bit of responsibility to make sure I am representing the Clause in a good way.  Finally, it was fairly cute when I first heard this, but like anything that gets overly used, it has lost a lot of charm for me.  “Hey, you look just like the dude from Jurassic Park!”

To all my fellow No Shave November participants…have a great month.  See you in December.

jurassic park 3


Follow link here to listen to Bill Cosby’s “Why is There Air?”


Hana_Mike-0003-web-seo-keywordsONE OF MY FAVORITE things is getting hired to be the wedding photographer of one of my former students.  As teachers, we want the best for our students. We enjoy watching  them grow out of those high school drama years into fine young adults.  We want to see them grow up to be happy.  The bonus for me is that I get to capture and share with friends and family those images of loveliness and happiness that occur at the wedding.


In addition to taking my photography class, Hana ran 4 years of track for me at Apollo High School.  Her ability as a distance runner grew year after year.  Her running abilities were crucial in helping  Apollo win our region and earn a 2nd place finish at State her junior year.

Out of my many memories of Hana’s career, the one that I remember the most is her competition with a runner from Prescott.  This girl consistently had better times than Hana all year.  Except when she raced against Hana.  Every time Hana and this young lady ran head to head, Hana won convincingly.  Those races were truly remarkable to watch.  Lots of high fives all around.

I also fondly, I think, remember how many times in those 4 years Hana came up to me and said “Coach, you spelled my name wrong…again!”

Hana completed a successful 4  year career at Apollo and went on to attend NAU, where she eventually met her future intended, Mike. They both graduated from NAU.  She now works as a K-8 art teacher and he works for the State of Arizona in the area of environmental quality.

Hana and Mike were freshmen at NAU when they were introduced to each other by mutual friends.  They became close friends before they finally decided they were the right person for each other.

Hana describes Mike as a chef, a true gentleman, and tells me that Mike is “all things outdoors, like a lumberjack.”

Mike says that Hana always has an elegant look to her.  He loves to listen to her play the guitar, and describes Hana as “a tomboy and a pretty princess all at the same time.”

Together they enjoy cooking, “artsy stuff” outdoor activities, and of course their two dogs.

On Sunday the 20th, the three of us got together to shoot their engagement session.  I first met Mike at Katie and Jason’s wedding . Hana was one of the bridesmaids. Since I was a bit busy that evening, I didn’t get a chance to do much conversing with the two of them.  I found it nice to finally sit down, talk with them, and get to know more about Hana and Mike as a couple.  It was even better to go out and shoot the session and watch Hana and Mike interact with each other as they express their affection for one another in front of my lens.

You now know a bit about the princess and the lumberjack.  Here are a few of the wonderful, lovely moments from Hana and Mike’s engagement session.

Hana_Mike-0005-web-seo-keywordsHana_Mike-0008-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0006-web-seo-keywords-2 Hana_Mike-0009-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0011-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0012-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0015-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0022-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0020-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0023-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0024-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0026-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0027-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0029-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0031-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0060-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0058-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0056-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0053-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0051-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0042-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0038-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0033-web-seo-keywords Hana_Mike-0002-web-seo-keywords


In my former life as a high school football coach, one of the yearly traditions was to take a 3 or 4 day road trip and hit a coaching clinic with big time college and professional football coaches speaking.  As a bonus, these clinics were usually held at exotic places such as Anaheim or San Diego.  The main goal, other than getting out of the house, out of the city, and off from school for a couple of days, was to come away with a nugget or two of useful information that could help next season’s team succeed at a higher level.  I was pleased to find that these types of educational opportunities were also available to me in my new life as a photographer.

As I made the transition from one career to another, I sought knowledge from multiple sources.  I needed lots of help.  Not only did I need information to help me make the switch from film to digital, I needed to know the ins and outs of running a successful wedding photography business.  Throughout my earlier blogs I have documented many of the educational opportunities I have participated in which have been major influences on my photographic style and my business practices.  Last week I had the opportunity to add to that list by attending Melissa Jill’s MJ2Day workshop.

First a little background on Melissa and her workshop.  Through my semi-participation in the Photographer’s Adventure Club, I went to a meeting which featured Melissa talking about using blogging as a business tool.  After her presentation, I talked to Melissa for a bit and discovered that she and I had attended Azusa Pacific University.  Fellow Cougars!  Orange and Black forever!  From that day on I looked at the educational posts Melissa has on her website, as well as twice taking advantage of Melissa’s one on one hour long coaching sessions.  But my ultimate goal always was to attend one of her MJ2Day workshops.  I am OK at learning from books and videos, but I really learn the best in a “hands on” situation.  I felt this workshop would be a great one to go to.  I was not disappointed.

MJ2Day is a 2 day workshop held at Melissa’s studio.  It is intense.  It is information packed.  It is worth it.  No, it was well worth it.  Whenever I was at the in law’s house for dinner, my father-in-law used to say “if you go away hungry, it’s your own fault.”  Melissa’s workshop is just like that.  If you go away with your brain empty of knowledge and ideas, it’s your own fault.

Check the links here and here for Melissa’s official blog posts and photographs from her 13th MJ2Day workshop.


This is Melissa Jill.  Wedding Photographer. Blogger.  Educator.  Runner of the MJ2Day workshop.  Owner of the cutest dog, Dixie.  And most importantly, fellow Azusa Pacific alum.

I have a friend who likes to say about a female in the company of one or more males. “She is a rose among many thorns.”  If you look at the head shots Melissa took of the workshop participants, you will notice that there were a couple of thorns among many roses. It was a fun bunch of people and a great group to work with.  I am sure we all came away with a little something that will help further our respective businesses.

A special shout out to Melissa’s assistant Sarah.  While working behind the scenes to keep the workshop running smoothly, and more importantly picking up lunch and keeping the snacks going, she helped me solve a Lightroom problem I had been having.  When I hire an assistant, I hope to hire someone as hard working and tireless and as exceptional as Sarah.

I got a chance to expand my restaurant list as we ended Tuesday with a meal at Postino’s.   Trendy on the west side is Old Country Buffet.  Postino’s was a nice change of pace.

MOVING ON….to the original reason for me writing this post.  I wanted to share the most exciting part of the workshop and the impact that it will have on me and Poole Photography.

I WON!!!

MJ2Day raffles off prizes from its many sponsors.  MJ has enough prizes so that everybody wins one, BUT, as much as I would have liked to have won the aqua blue camera bag or the full spread advertisement in DESTINATION i do magazine, I am excited because I won exactly what I and Poole Photography needed.

I haven’t been happy with my website for a long, long time.   I quit updating it about six months ago and have just concentrated on my blog.   In September, my once a month photography consultant, Vonn, suggested that I needed to work on my website as it was lacking punch.  What could I do but agree with her.  I sat down a few days later determined to totally recreate my website,  But as I sat at my computer with my fingers  not moving at all, I came to the decision that I would wait until after the MJ2Day workshop.  I was sure that MJ would have some relevant information about website construction.  Best. Decision. Ever.

My prize at the MJ2Day workshop was one free StyleGroup Design  of my choice from Sitehouse valued at up to $350, AND one full year of hosting for free on Showit, a $429 value.  I now have a little slice of website heaven.  The StyleGroup Designs are done by Promise Tangeman, who is a rock star of website design, and Showit is used by many big name professional photographers such as Jasmine Star. Part of me wants to do a Wayne and Garth and get on my knees and say “I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!”

The old website is shutdown.  The new website is being created.  I will post on this blog and on Facebook when the new website is up and running.

I find the word “awesome” to be a tired, worn out term that is used way to often to describe average things and should be banned from being used in the English language.  However, in the case of the MJ2Day workshop, I will relax my standards for the moment.  It. Was. Awesome!

FUN FACT #1 As I am writing this post, the wife asks me why she can’t get on my website.  Oops.  Forgot to tell her I had shut it down.

FUN FACT #2 The song I was listening to while writing this post was “A Day in the Life”  by the Beatles.  Did I even need to tell you?


While Melissa was shooting our head shots, we were to take head shots of each other to share.  While taking these shots, I also did a little  “behind the scenes” shots of the others doing their photography.  What can I say, I like to do candids.

069 092 Tim_Poole-011 Tim_Poole-012 Tim_Poole-015 052Tim_Poole-021 Tim_Poole-023

Poole Photography, LLC, is located in Glendale, AZ.  We photograph weddings, specializing in small, intimate weddings.

Tim Poole/ owner, operator and photographer.


The primary purpose of this blog is, well…me!  Me promoting my photography and my business in the attempt to gain clients.  In fact, most website experts say not to blog about anything which isn’t directly relevant to advance Poole Photography and its business ventures.  But as those who know me well can attest, sometimes I just can’t always keep the color between the lines.  So fair warning, this post isn’t about me, my photography or gaining clients. Nor am I posting samples of what I humbly consider  brilliantly stunning images that I have photographed of weddings and brides, graduates, families and even sunsets.

Today I want to share the work of others and post about the photography exhibition I attended  last Friday.


I have written about Airi Katsuta and her 1.000 origami cranes and her photography show “Resilience” in these blogs here and here.

I was honored with an invitation to the reception of the latest showing of “Resilience” that was held at the Academy Theater at the Junior Drama Club Academy in Phoenix.  This time however, Airi graced the show with the addition of a few of her fine art and fashion photography pieces.

As her documentary photographs capture the emotion of the situation in Ishinomaki, Japan, Airi’s fashion and fine art images show the creative and fun side of her photography.  My favorite of these is her series called “Globophobia: Fear of Balloons.”  To see this series, click on this link.

To see all of Airi’s work that she has posted online, please click here, here, and here.


The reception and show was held at the Junior Drama Club Academy which is located in downtown Phoenix.  It is a theater club for boys and girls 10-17 that not only teaches theater skills but life skills.  I got to spend a little bit of time talking Jeanna Delfin and Robert Joseph Gates, the two representatives of the JDCA that were in charge of putting the exhibition on and they graciously answered my questions I had about the JDCA.

The Academy has been in existence for 8 years but has just moved to the new location.  It serves about 20 members.  In talking with Ms Delfin, she really emphasized to me how the Academy  taught more than just theater craft, but also concentrated on teaching these young people life skills that they could take and use to help them be successful in their future endeavors.  Mr. Gates explained to me how the building was an old liquor store.  He personally did all the renovations such as building the stage and the lobby and rigging the lighting.  All on his own time and without funding.  It was obvious to me that these two are very passionate and committed to the ideals and values of the JDAC.

I also met two eighth grade young ladies who are members of the group and were serving as greeters for the evening reception.  I talked to them for a bit about the club.  I got the impression that their involvement is a huge deal to them in their lives.  Even as they go into high school which has theater opportunities for them as well, they told me they have every intention of staying involved with JDAC.  Trust me, having dealt with teenagers for 31 years, and finding very few of them passionate about anything, I could tell that these girls had a passion for JDAC.  The Academy must be doing something right.

I have given you a brief glimpse at the Junior Drama Club  Academy.  In my own words as I remember my conversations.  But the group itself puts its mission statement and beliefs much more clearly on its Facebook and Website.  So for the full, and better story, check these links here and here.


One of my favorite photographs that night was a head shot Airi took of her cat, Whiskers.  I asked about the making of the image.  She told me it was done with window lighting and a point and shoot camera.  Hmm.  It seems that great images CAN be captured with something other than a Canon Mark 5D iii camera, a Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens and an off camera flash.

And since another golden rule of a photography website is to include pictures…here are a couple of cat photographs I have taken.  Enjoy your day.


One of my favorite music boxes.  If you have cats, you, you understand.


Amelia is very camera shy.  It is almost like trying to capture an image of Big Foot.  When she sees me reach for the camera, she immediately runs away to one of her favorite hidey holes.  I just took this snapshot of Amelia while writing this post.  Notice the eyes.


Hilary has no such phobias about getting his picture taken.  He will wait for as long as I am taken pictures, basically hoping that somewhere in this process a snack will drop very close to his mouth.


Got lucky once and was able to get this photo of them together.  Amelia is looking for the closest exit, Hilary is looking for the snack.