In my last blog I mentioned the DSNetwork family pool party, (or Poole Party, the way I originally typed it and so many of you graciously pointed out to me that I had. What can I say? Habits die hard.) I want to share with everyone the marvelous pool that was the site of this event. The event was held at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center in South Phoenix.
When I was told this was a pool party, I remembered the pool of my youth: big pool, baby pool, shallow end, deep end, two diving boards, outside, hot sun, lots of sun screen, you know, the typical city pool that we have here in Phoenix. Nothing prepared me for what I walked into last Saturday.

The pool was indoors and built like the Disneyland of pools. Huge slide of death, tiny baby slides, geysers of water, traditional pool, baby pool, whirlpool, tiny buckets of water that when filled will tip over and baptize all children waiting gleefully down below. I think the only method they didn’t have incorporated in the pool design to get people wet was a fire hose that could be turned on everyone. And I am not sure that didn’t exist. Some of those life guards had a mighty tricksy look in their eye.

While shooting the children coming down the water slide, I suddenly heard this big loud “KERBLOOSH!!!” behind me, followed by the shrieking, happy voices of many children.  While thinking in my best DC comic book thought bubble “what the…?”, I turned and I saw swinging high above everyone the “Bucket of Doom”. A huge giant bucket was high overhead and being slowly filled with a gagillion gallons of water. At the filling of the bucket, the water was dumped like the epic flood of Noah’s day, minus the ark, on the waiting masses below.  It was fantastic! 2013-08-03_0009.jpg


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