On Saturday I had the privilege of being one of five photographers invited to take pictures at the DSNetwork Family Pool Party held at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Center of South Mountain.  On their website, the DSNetwork of Arizona states: “Our mission at DSNetwork is to educate, support and advocate for those in our community impacted by Down syndrome. DSNetwork will achieve this goal through an open, supportive and collaborative network that will connect individuals and families with needed resources and information.”

I want to thank Sarah Hales for inviting me to this event.  It is my second event with this group.  I really enjoyed the couple of hours I spent photographing these wonderful families.  Let the pictures tell the story.

298-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 284-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 280-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 269-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 258-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 207-DSNetwork_of_AZ__Salvation_Army_Ray_and_Joan_Kroc_Center_at_South_Mountain 196-11 188-10 185-9 183-8 148-7 123-6 119-5 106-4 067-3 053-2 048-1


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