Hey, you try coming up with eye catching titles, OK.

It will be kind of a scatter shot of ideas and photos for this morning’s blogging.  The insomnia gremlins are running wild. I must have broken one of the three rules of gremlins…again.



On Valentine’s day I semi-mocked the “holiday”, created by the card and flower industrial complex. I mentioned on Facebook how thankful I was that the kids came to class on Valentine’s Day burdened with flowers, balloons and candy.  This was a clear disruption of the educational environment so I was within my rights to confiscate the offending items.  My wife had awesome Valentine’s Day presents for 31 years.

But Valentine’s Day is for lovers, and as a wedding photographer, I need those lovers to get engaged and hire Poole Photography for their weddings.  So to make up for my  past wrongs against Valentine’s Day, I present this visual love gift to you all as a token of the importance of love in our lives EVERY day of the week, not just 2/14.



I talked  in an earlier blog about my wonderful day of shooting at the Matsuri Festival  {link}.  I entered three of my photographs I took that day in the PAC contest.  I didn’t place, but was happy that my photographs got a few votes.   On the positive side I did vote for the photograph that won the competition.  I may not have shot award winning images that day, but I do know an outstanding picture when I see it.



Although my ultimate goal for Poole Photography, my “White Whale” so to speak, is to be primarily a wedding photographer, I am attempting to shoot as many sessions as I can to gain experience and improve my portfolio.  For the last couple of weeks, my friend Dave has been persistent in telling me that I should come and take pictures of his new cute puppy before it grew into his new big dog. On Sunday I finally went to his place and did my first pet session.


The adorable Leah.

I love the following series of images.  Reminds me of those old monster movies in which the photographer, usually named Tim, sees the danger coming directly at him but instead of running away he holds his ground and continues to photograph the beast charging him until the bitter end!

IMG_9327 IMG_9375 IMG_9376 IMG_9433IMG_9431


It is now 3:37 and about time to wrap this up and see if the insomnia gods are pleased.  I am not sure if they will be.  I have been drinking Mountain Dew,  which does contain caffeine.  I also was alerted by a Facebook post that Mountain Dew contains brominated vegetable oil.  I Googled brominated vegetable oil and its related health risks.  Oh great, one more thing to add to the list of stuff that might not be good for me.  I can just hear and see the early morning commercial now: “if you or anyone you know has drunk beverages contain brominated vegetable oil and you or they show one or more of these symptoms….” Yikes.

So with that information on my mind, I will try close my eyes and get some sleep, all the while knowing, and yes, hearing the BVO in my bloodstream, reeking havoc on various internal organs.

Pleasant dreams.


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