Raquel, who everyone else calls Lita, is a former photography student of mine.  We became friends on Facebook after graduation, managing to keep in touch off and on.  I had told her of my intentions to start my own photography business and was looking for opportunities to shoot events and such.  Raquel invited me to take photographs at her birthday party.  Or maybe I begged and pleaded for the opportunity, I can’t quite remember.  Regardless of which version is true, the date was set and I packed up my camera and aching back and headed to the party.

The party itself was unique in a couple of ways.  One was that 2 other people shared the same birthday, so the party honored all three of them.  Another was that it was a costume party.  Come dressed up as your alter ego.  There were some great costumes that night.  A Franciscan monk, a nun, a lumberjack, a Carmen Miranda, a female ninja warrior, a monk in a luche libre mask are just a few of the alter egos that appeared at the party that night.  The best costume, in my humble opinion, belonged to a young lad from Ireland who is here getting a Masters in Music at ASU.  He was dressed in his Irish soccer uniform.


 I, after much thought and deliberation, came cleverly disguised as a great American photographer.

At this point in my brand new business and career, I hope you appreciate the fact that I am working for the experience and working for the food, the good eats at these gigs.  And let me say I was not disappointed.  My compliments to all the guests that brought food to share.  Fantastic.

A final note on the party.  Raquel and her friends are very spiritual, committed Christians.  She, as well as others at the party, are heavily involved in a downtown youth and neighborhood ministry.  It was nice to see young people having a great time with nothing stronger than lemonade and peach ice tea.  And Jesus rap!

Thank you, Lita, for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your special day, and meeting all those wonderful friends and family of yours.


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