Wojahn Family Session.

I feel like I might speak for most photographers when I state that one of the rewarding aspects of our work is meeting and interacting with new families.  Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet the Wojahn family and photograph a session at Sahuaro Ranch park.

I did know Katherine Wojahn from my teaching days at Apollo.  She was not in my class, but she was a member of my photography club.  We connected awhile back through Facebook (one of the reasons I love Facebook is the ability to connect with former students)  Katie is the one that contacted me and we set up a session for her and her family.  Joining Katie for the session were her dad and step-mom, her brother and sister, their respective spouses and her two adorable nephews.  Part of me just wanted to spend the hour taking pictures of the kids running around and playing.  As many of my fellow photogs can attest, the kids in a family session lose interest after about the first 10 minutes and then it becomes a bit of a challenge.  Not so with Kayden and Carter.  They were troopers the entire time.

If there was anything challenging about the session, it was Sahuaro Ranch Park itself.  I love shooting a t SRP and have done  a lot of personal sessions there, (I love taking images of the peacocks and other wildlife.)a couple of private sessions as well as a wedding at Sahuaro Ranch.  But apparently a lot of other people decided to like Sahuaro Ranch on that day.  I would say there were at least 7 other sessions being photographed, as well as a wedding and a Quinceniera.    It reminded me of Halloween where all the kids were dressed as photographers.  But the Wojahn’s were resiliant and we adjusted some of our location selections and were able to come up with images that contained a variety of the location options available at the Park.

I enjoyed meeting everyone in the family and had a great time during this session.

Let me let the images tell the rest of the story.


The Wojahn Family

Wojahn-0003-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0004-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0005-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0006-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0007-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0010-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0014-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0015-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0016-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_Wojahn-0021-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0023-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0025-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0026-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_\ Wojahn-0028-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0029-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0030-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0031-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_ Wojahn-0032-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_

Wojahn-0066-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_Always like to get a peacock into the action.

Wojahn-0092-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_Having a little fun with Auntie Katherine’s nose.

Wojahn-0024-Family_shoot_Sahuaro_Ranch_Park_Thanks, Katie, for allowing me the opportunity to photography your lovely family.


13 thoughts on “Wojahn Family Session.

  1. I’m enjoying seeing all your photography here, Mr. Poole! This was a lovely session…the closeups of the boys are especially adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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