I always got a bit of a thrill whenever I put a piece of photo paper into the developer and watched the image slowly appear on the blank, white paper.  If you have printed in the darkroom, you know what I am talking about.  It gets tedious and complicated, but it is real hands on and I always got a sense of accomplishment after a good day of printing.  Don’t get me wrong, digital has its own rewards and frustrations and I am still learning and improving.  Developing a print is just something special.  I always looked forward to the reactions of my students on the day I demonstrated print developing.

Semi celebrating an anniversary of sorts.  It’s been around a year since I started seriously pursuing my business as a professional photographer.  October 3rd, 2011, was my first class with Diana Steffen on how to use my brand spanking new digital camera.  Excellent class.  I highly recommend.  Since that time I have been privileged to shoot several events over the course of the year.  Now this may sound silly to you, but I am pleasantly surprised when someone posts one of my photographs of them as their Facebook profile picture.  In fact, to be honest with you, the first time it happened, I think I sat at the computer for about 10 minutes, pointing at the screen and shouting  “Look!  Look!” for all to hear.  My cats were not impressed.  They didn’t look.

Two of my fellow retirees from Apollo High School semi have this tradition of going to the horse races on Friday afternoons.  On Friday, October 6th, Turf Paradise opened its’ racing season.  So naturally, we got together and spent a day at the races with a couple of other friends.   While sitting at the table, having some beverages and piling up losing tickets, a photographer in the employ of Turf Paradise stopped at the table and asked us if he could take our little group’s picture for the Turf Paradise Facebook page.  We all said yes.  I like getting my picture taken and published.  Unless you are in the witness protection program, everybody does.  IN fact,  I used to tell the yearbook editors at Apollo that the success or failure of their yearbook depended on how many pictures of me were in the yearbook.  (They didn’t believe me.  I believe one year they left me out altogether)  So today, Sunday, I get an email from on of the guys telling me to take a look at the Turf Facebook page.  And there we were! Our little group picture.  And a handsome group it is.

Other than the awesomeness of our little group, I thought the greatest thing was some lady posted in the photo’s comment section the fololowing:

 “I’m a junky for the ponies.. and the Vikings! Go Vikings!!!”


This is my bride Mallory’s Aunt Lindsey.  She used this photo to update her Facebook profile picture.  I am flattered and humbled that she like this shot enough to do so.

Chillin’ with Ruben, Steve, Cindy and Russ and Turf Paradise.


Blogging Music for the “Races”

Various and sundry love songs including “Holly Holly”,  “All My Little Words,”  “My Immortal,” and others on that playlist.


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