I had every intention of posting on this blog every single day in October.   All the adults tell me this blog will be the driving force behind attracting customers to my photography business.  Many of those same photographers took this 30 day challenge themselves.  Just call me Mr. Stick-To-It….NOT.  Blew off the blog after three days.

It is a little more complicated than that.  One of my former students, Yessika,  who is a blogger herself, gave me many suggestions for this 30 day odyssey.  (Apparently, if I was a character in “The Odyssey”, I would have died early in the story.)  I really appreciated all the great ideas she gave me.  However, I find it difficult to write about things that I am not a little bit passionate about.

Yessika did suggest that I find a way to incorporate my teaching in this blog.  I know other photographers do that.  I read their instructive blog posts when I need some further knowledge about photographing weddings and events.  So I thought that would be a great idea.  I could do something like “Techno Thursdays”.  Write a little educational post on every Thursday.  So I decided on a topic to teach and waiting until late Thursday afternoon and went out to shoot some photographs that I could use for Thursday’s educational blog.

Came back to my house and loaded the pictures into Lightroom.  After looking at them I decided that they did not accomplish what I wanted them to.  They really didn’t match the ideas that I wanted to discuss.  That may sound weird because I knew the ideas that I was planning on discussing, so one would think that I would shoot them correctly.  It is something I really can’t explain.  I am as mystified about that myself.

Finally I decided to leave the computer and go do two things: ponder about what I wanted to blog about instead of my educational post and watch the Cardinals go 5-0.  None of those things happened.

I am not a Cardinals fan, although I like them to do well as they are the hometown team.  So their loss did not bother me at all.  Not writing my blog bothered me a lot.  Not that there are a lot of people reading it, but it is the discipline of doing it and accomplishing the 30 day goal that is important to me.  But then I looked at the whole scheme of things.  God created everything in six days and on the seventh day he rested.  (As an aside, I often wonder what God did on his day off, but that is probably a  topic for another day.)  Do not think I am comparing myself to God, I am just applying a principle in this case.  I took a day off from the blog.  It is OK.

So I got myself back on track today.  Recommitted to going thirty days straight.  I even revisited my photographs from Thursday.  They still aren’t what I need to do my little instructional blog, but they aren’t bad little photographs.  I am going to post a few.  I was working on backlighting, which mastering the subtleties of backlighting is extremely important to a wedding photographer because those backlit shots offer the most drama in a photograph.

Figure it is too late for Techno Thursdays.  Maybe it could be “Find Out Fridays”?

Fifty years ago today the Beatles’ first single, “Love Me Do” was released.

In honor of this day, all my blog writing songs have been Beatles’ songs.


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