Back from Flagstaff and photographing the wedding.  I guess I can now list myself as a destination wedding  photographer .

Way back when I was a head track coach, my assistant Dave and I would excitedly get together and plan out the season.  Our enthusiasm knew no bounds.  Then by the time of the state track meet we would always talk about how rough the season was and all the problems and issues that came up during the season.  It was remarkable that by the time the new season rolled around, we had forgotten about the burnout and the problems and the frustrating events of the previous track season.

Over the weekend, I discovered a big correlation between the optimism before the track season and the excitement and optimism prior to photographing the wedding.  By the time I was done Saturday, I felt like I had just spent an entire track season taking pictures.  Just like I never wanted to coach another season of track, I felt like if I ever picked up a camera and took a photo of a wedding it would be too soon.  I just marvel at some of these photographers who shoot 2 or 3 weddings back to back.  I hate to confess this, but when Diana Elizabeth told us during class how physically wiped out she was after a 7 hour wedding shoot, I sort of  scoffed at the idea of her being so tired.  Let me tell you right now, I have a much greater appreciation for Diana’s point of view.  I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulders.

Diana, I will never, ever doubt you again.

I also came to the realization that there is a little bit of similarity between coaching football and shooting a wedding, except in the latter, some of the players are prettier and smell nicer.  And there is no marching band.

They both require the practice of the skills necessary to be successful and they both require the designing of a game plan for any and all situations that can come up during the course of the game/wedding. There also needs to be a plan B and C in the back pocket/camera bag, JUST in case something goes wrong.  And it will.

To further the analysis, the grandfather of the bride is a head football coach of a local high school. In fact, he had coached his first game of the season the Friday before the wedding.  During the reception he came up to talk to me and I said,”dude, I am in the fourth quarter right now.”

He understood.





  1. After reading this it reminds me of conversations we once had that should not be repeated due to graphic words used, but I will say this coach, your mental toughness got you through the 4th quarter.

    • Hey, Victor. Nice to see that you read my blog. Those days on the sidelines were great times. Thanks for your comments. They reminded me that along with no marching band, graphic language is not present at weddings. 🙂

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