I was going to write about some of the Olympic memories I have accumulated over the years, but that can wait another day.  I have time.  The Olympics last a few more days (sorry, too lazy to count) and that will either give the games more time to screw up or more time to right the listing ship.  Either way I will have more to write about.

The reason for the shift of topics is the arrival today of my brand new business cards.  To most, this would not be a huge deal, but for me, well, it is.  This is just another baby step in my evolving little photography business.  And as impressed as I was with the design when I saw it on the computer screen, I was doubly impressed holding the real thing in my hand.  I may not give them out to anybody.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I hired graphic designer Kimmie Carter to create this cards.  I want to give Kimmie one more shout out.  Great job, Kimmie!

Although not a long post, these one took a bit longer to write because I wanted to keep it short.  You should see how much stuff I edited out.  My musical inspiration tonight was “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, the GNR version and a few covers.  I sort of got hooked on this ukulele version of the song.  As one might suspect, it is a completely different song when played on ukulele and sung by a young woman.  I don’t think Axel is losing any sleep, however.


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