You know the “they” I am talking about.  The mythical “they” that always seem to have the right knowledge about whatever the topic may be.   In my case the topic is wedding/event photography.  After retireing from a stellar (in my opinion) 31 year teaching and coaching career, I was ready to find something new and meaningful to do with my life.  Since my last teaching assignment was photography, I decided I was semi-good enough and interested enough to pursue photography as my second career.  So I’ve been doing research and taking classes on wedding/event photography and the one constant that all the “theys” talk about is that a photographer needs a blog.  Another thing “they” tell me is I need to write about myself.  That’s just the right thing to tell me because I am my favorite subject.  So here I go.  I will be sharing with you my journey into this new career of mine.  I will be talking about some of the “theys” in my life, people who are inspiring and mentoring me, and sharing my the best of my photography on this blog.

This is going to be quite different for me.  As a teacher I was the smartest person in the room, at least in my subject matter, and I had a captive audience.  I am no longer the smartest kid in the room and I have to pay attention.  This career is more than just taking “pretty pictures”.  If that’s all I wanted to do I would just take my camera out every day and take pictures of my cats.  It’s about capturing the joy and emotionality of that special day, that special time and preserving those moments.

There is a line from “Blade Runner” that goes like this: “All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain.”  I see myself as a vehicle for people to preserve those moments, keep the memories real and alive.


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